Preclinical research often wasted in translation to clinical studies

11 oktober 2016

Animal studies that lack internal or external validity cause wastes in the translation to the design of clinical studies. Translational medicine has to overcome the huge methodological differences between preclinical and clinical studies. Important is, that the studies justifying a clinical trial match these in experimental rigour in design and evaluation, statistical power and conflict of interests. The preclinical research findings must be clear prior to exposing patients to an experimental method.

Malcolm Macleod, professor in Neurology and Translational Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, is an expert in the application of systematic review and meta-analysis to animal studies of neurological diseases. At Federadag, he will share methodological solutions. His work allows an overview of how drug efficacy in animals can be assessed; how limits can be identified to the relevance of animal models for human clinical trials; and how to avoid bias due to poor experimental design in preclinical studies. Macleod develops meta-moderation and mediation analysis techniques to better understand pathophysiological pathways in animal models of human diseases.

Listen to Prof Malcolm Macleod on Friday November 11th in Nijmegen:

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Macleod plus 9 other experts on Health(y) Science: increasing value, reducing waste
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