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Mission Statement: Federa promotes a sound research environment

The Federa (Foundation Federation of Dutch Medical Scientific Societies) aims to represent scientific biomedical societies by promoting interdisciplinary communication through an annual thematic conference and self-regulation.

Deregulation has become a major activity e.g. by means of developing Codes of Conduct, together with a legal expert. This is a necessity in an era of abundant and overlapping regulation of biomedical science, especially when EU-guidelines aim at harmonization.

The Federa bundles 30 scientific biomedical societies with all together 10,000 members and coordinates about 20 organizations in COREON.

Developed by Federa / COREON: Codes of Conduct

Self-regulatory codes of conduct for Observational Research with personal data (2004) and tissue (2001, 2011)    ...more

Federa day   /  FederaDag

  • biomedical research with new insights, new opportunities
  • meant for scientist, doctors, patients and policy makers
  • in one day insight in actual research and effects for society 
  • scientist address theme and invite the best of the field 
  • at the front of biomedical science 

 Federa Awards - list of winners

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